Does your asphalt driveway soak in water like a sponge anytime it rains?

Don’t treat your jeep that way, it deserves an incredible road to drive on. Also, that’s because your Fairfax asphalt paving driveway constructor applied a fragile prime coat. Eventually, the entire path will crumble due to voids between the base and asphalt surface course.

To ensure you get value for money, it’s important to know the materials used to create a durable asphalt paving coat. Take note of the four elements that appear in the list below.

Cutback Bitumen MC-70
Virginia asphalt paving constructors use cutback Bitumen MC-70 when building driveways. It helps the asphalt remain viscous when spreading it over the base course. This ensures that the prime coat sticks firmly on top hence eliminating voids that retain moisture.

The cutback Bitumen MC-70 constitutes of asphalt cement, kerosene, and diluents. Kerosene makes the base course porous enough to absorb the asphalt cement. Due to its large chemical composition, it’s advisable to wear gloves and protective masks when applying cutback Bitumen MC-70.

Emulsified Asphalt Grade SS-1
To strengthen the bond between your base course and successive layers, you’ll need to spray emulsified Asphalt Grade SS-1. A truck with a spray distributor will enable you to apply an even layer. Any gaps between the emulsified Asphalt Grade SS-1 and succeeding courses could lead to crumbling.

Seasoned asphalt paving Frederick constructors maintain their emulsified Asphalt Grade SS-1 below 60⁰C. This ensures that the emulsion retains its adhesive nature during application.

Asphalt Emulsion Prime
Asphalt paving Frederick constructors use Asphalt Emulsion Prime (AEP) to enhance the stability of a granular base course. Without using AEP, the entire asphalt surface course your jeep drives on would crumble during driveway surfacing. The AEP minimizes movement of granular particles hence enabling asphalt cement to flow inside the base course.
If your asphalt pavement constructor cannot apply for the surface course on the same day, they will use a nice AEP layer to waterproof your granular base course. When your asphalt driveway cracks after a torrential downpour, you can hire an asphalt paving Frederick constructor to apply a new AEP layer. This will eliminate the need for further repair, which may be expensive.

Penetration Emulsion Prime
The Penetration Emulsion Prime goes deep into the subcourse to enable the asphalt cement to solidify firmly. This prevents any chipping during road surfacing. It also prevents any moisture from seeping into the base. One needs to apply the cutback Bitumen MC-70 in advance before spraying the PEP on an excellent granular base.

Final paving thoughts

For the best results, it’s advisable to retain your asphalt emulsions at the recommended temperatures. Using asphalt emulsions above the recommended temperatures makes them too thin to prevent movement within the granular base. Avoid using leftover asphalt to create your emulsion primes because it will cause moisture seepage within a short duration.

Ensure you apply lovely thick layers of your prime coat materials to have a long-lasting coat. Last but not least, make sure you share this article with a friend or relative who’s looking for asphalt paving Fairfax company to construct or repair their driveway.